Explore the White Cliffs of Dover

The White Cliffs of Dover are part of the North Downs formation. It is the name given to the region of English coastline facing the Strait of Dover and France. The White Cliffs are an identifiable landmark to those approaching the port of Dover from the English Channel. In the Channel port in Kent, the White Cliffs of Dover are the most famous symbol. You can visit Dover with Sky minicab taxi in economical rates.

The cliff face reaches a height of 350 feet. The cliffs owe their striking appearance to its composition of chalk which is run through with accents of black flint. The cliffs are a symbol for Britons found everywhere in the world. The Dover cliffs have witnessed dramatic moments in the entirety of English history. The arrival of the Romans or the return of the British forces from Dunkirk to name but a few. They have been seen by the nation as a sign of security, inspiration, hope and freedom for centuries. The cliffs are an officially chosen icon of Britain and are recognized throughout the world. But the cliffs are not only significant for the UK. They are world-famous. The soft, white chalk is a rarity geologically; it is a very pure form of limestone not found anywhere else. The White Cliffs of Dover are England’s most stunning natural treasure.

Not only people on the sea wonder in their beauty and magnificence. Thousands of people walk on the cliff’s top paths during the season and enjoy the tours. The unique flora and fauna that can be found only here at the Dover cliffs are also a huge attraction. The cliffs are the stage of many poems, stories and epics. Notable works like “There’ll be bluebird all over” by Dame Vera Lynn and Shakespeare’s King Lear mention The White Cliffs of Dover.

There is a variety of Fauna to be found on the Dover Cliffs. The White chalks that are native to the Dover Hills give a home to several species of cliff-nesting birds such as the Black Legged Kittiwake or the Fulmar. Aside from that tours can be had on the Dover Walks. There are numerous paths to be taken and you will be assisted to choose the best path in Dover’s Visitor centre

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