Odd Shops in London

London in a mesmerizing combination of history and modernization. You may see shopping malls on one hand, but on the other hand, some shops are old as anything and odd as anything. The curious soul is always ready to jump at any such opportunity to explore such places. So, dive right in with us and explore these shops in London with us. You can even use Sky minicab taxi service to visit these shops.

Edinburgh: Unicorn Antiques

Every corner and every inch of this place is crammed with antiques. The thing that attracts the most visitors is that it is not ridiculously expensive. There’s no knowing what you might find, which adds to the enjoyment of rummaging around in the basement shop. In the Victorian era, this shop used to be a dairy. There are often tons of old local and world maps and postcards, old-fashioned children’s toys and books, mirrors, trinkets, candlesticks and all sorts of curious bits and pieces that might just turn out to be a treasure.

Brighton: Laste

At this unusual shoe shop, the elves and the shoemaker work together. Shoes made in the store by Laste’s owner, Alex Herdman, who will assist you with your design and provide you with a range of leathers, can be ordered. If you prefer to buy directly from the shelf, Herdman makes a point of sourcing self-sufficient designers who don’t sell elsewhere, so basically, every pair of shoes is exclusive and magnificently the only one of its kind. If they are not in your price range, lavish, colourful tights and socks and reasonably priced accessories, such as knitted hats and beautiful ceramic trinkets can be bought at Laste’s

Liverpool: Nook & Cranny

People who love stationery and graphic-print fans will love this vivid, vivacious place, which sells everything from notebooks, cards, pencils and typography postcards to prints. As a speciality, a certain print is chosen as a “print of the week”. The store owners are very supportive of innovative and independent artists. Nook & Cranny is inside the Bluecoat arts centre and believes in supporting homegrown talent.

Glasgow: Lupe Pintos

Lupe Pintos is dazzling for sourcing odd, bizarre and fun ingredients for foodies who love their food hot and fiery. The Glasgow division of the deli is piled with bottles of smoke-dried jalapeños, chocolate chilli sauces and almost every spice under the sun.

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