What to Do at a Layover in London Gatwick Airport

If you have a Layover in London Gatwick Airport (and we hoped you travelled via Sky taxi transfer service) and are now wondering what to do with your time besides the obvious- sleep. While options are a bit limited, for a short visit, they might be enough.

Here is your guide to things to do on a layover at London Gatwick Airport:


You’ve got a very decent variety of cafes and restaurants here at Gatwick. so starting your layover with a good meal sounds like the perfect plan ? relaxed sit-down spots in town are Wagamama, two Weatherspoon pubs, Nicholas Culpeper Pub & Dining and multiple spots by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver.

Costa, Nando’s, Caffe Nero, Yo! Sushi and Starbucks are some of the more well-known options to choose from. Some of these options stay open around the clock. Mostly these are cafes and to-go kiosks.


If you seek a peaceful and quiet area during your layover. An airport lounge is just what you require. Many lounges provide access to all travellers, no matter which airline or class they fly from. For a single fee, you’ll get the facilities of food, drinks, WiFi, and a quiet atmosphere. One lounge even has shower facilities for passengers so they can freshen up.


A layover gives you the perfect time to browse through a couple of stores, including a range of airport brands and international boutiques. Brands like Harrods and Hamleys have outposts here as they are quite well known. There are bookstores here where you can pick a book to read on a plan, browse for souvenirs, or try out makeup and candy in the Duty-Free. Many shops stay open around the clock, including most Duty-Free areas.

Stroll the trails

A national bike path follows around the airport. it leads towards a wooded suburban area. This bike path perfect for getting some fresh air without getting too far away from the airport.

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