5 Places to Visit in Feltham

Sometimes you visit a new place and feel just astounded by it. For many people, Feltham is such a place. Located near Twickenham Feltham is a large town in West London. It is the largest town in the western half of the Hounslow Borough. It is home to the Centre Shopping Hub. With Feltham being only 8 minutes drive from Heathrow airport, you can simply book a Sky minicab taxi for Feltham and have a memorable experience. Feltham may not be as popular as other cities of the United Kingdom, but don’t base your decision on this minor fact. Feltham is smaller and has a quiet sort of beauty that attracts many visitors. If you have plans to visit the United Kingdom and do not know whether or not Feltham should be on the list of places you should visit, keep reading. We have put together the five places to visit in Feltham.

Bedfont Lakes Country Park

A seventy-five-hectare local nature reserve and the site of metropolitan importance for nature conservation in Feltham. Bedfont Lakes Country Park with its vibrant greenery and surroundings that are submerged in nature is the ideal place for a nature lover or a nature seeker. At the site, you can enjoy lush green trees as there are more than 350 species of plants. You can also enjoy the beautiful and pleasant view of lakes, meadows and woodland.

London Air Park

One of London’s first airfields. It is a very well maintained park with well-trimmed grass on all the grounds. It is surrounded by lots of trees and is a large sports-oriented public space.

Hampton and Kempton Waterworks Railway

Hampton and Kempton Waterworks Railway is a unique museum which is situated in Feltham, UK. It opens each weekend on Sundays and there is also a special event held once every month plus it opens on Saturdays whilst Kempton steam museum is open.

Feltham Assembly Hall

Feltham assembly hall was built in Feltham Park in 1365. It acts as the towns dedicated community centre.

Riverside Vineyard Church

A beautiful church built in Feltham that boasts of a beautiful vineyard surrounding it. The vineyard attracts many tourists and is a pleasant experience for all.

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