What to Do at a Layover in London Gatwick Airport

If you have a Layover in London Gatwick Airport (and we hoped you travelled via Sky taxi transfer service) and are now wondering what to do with your time besides the obvious- sleep. While options are a bit limited, for a short visit, they might be enough.

Here is your guide to things to do on a layover at London Gatwick Airport:


You’ve got a very decent variety of cafes and restaurants here at Gatwick. so starting your layover with a good meal sounds like the perfect plan ? relaxed sit-down spots in town are Wagamama, two Weatherspoon pubs, Nicholas Culpeper Pub & Dining and multiple spots by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver.

Costa, Nando’s, Caffe Nero, Yo! Sushi and Starbucks are some of the more well-known options to choose from. Some of these options stay open around the clock. Mostly these are cafes and to-go kiosks.


If you seek a peaceful and quiet area during your layover. An airport lounge is just what you require. Many lounges provide access to all travellers, no matter which airline or class they fly from. For a single fee, you’ll get the facilities of food, drinks, WiFi, and a quiet atmosphere. One lounge even has shower facilities for passengers so they can freshen up.


A layover gives you the perfect time to browse through a couple of stores, including a range of airport brands and international boutiques. Brands like Harrods and Hamleys have outposts here as they are quite well known. There are bookstores here where you can pick a book to read on a plan, browse for souvenirs, or try out makeup and candy in the Duty-Free. Many shops stay open around the clock, including most Duty-Free areas.

Stroll the trails

A national bike path follows around the airport. it leads towards a wooded suburban area. This bike path perfect for getting some fresh air without getting too far away from the airport.

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Explore the White Cliffs of Dover

The White Cliffs of Dover are part of the North Downs formation. It is the name given to the region of English coastline facing the Strait of Dover and France. The White Cliffs are an identifiable landmark to those approaching the port of Dover from the English Channel. In the Channel port in Kent, the White Cliffs of Dover are the most famous symbol. You can visit Dover with Sky minicab taxi in economical rates.

The cliff face reaches a height of 350 feet. The cliffs owe their striking appearance to its composition of chalk which is run through with accents of black flint. The cliffs are a symbol for Britons found everywhere in the world. The Dover cliffs have witnessed dramatic moments in the entirety of English history. The arrival of the Romans or the return of the British forces from Dunkirk to name but a few. They have been seen by the nation as a sign of security, inspiration, hope and freedom for centuries. The cliffs are an officially chosen icon of Britain and are recognized throughout the world. But the cliffs are not only significant for the UK. They are world-famous. The soft, white chalk is a rarity geologically; it is a very pure form of limestone not found anywhere else. The White Cliffs of Dover are England’s most stunning natural treasure.

Not only people on the sea wonder in their beauty and magnificence. Thousands of people walk on the cliff’s top paths during the season and enjoy the tours. The unique flora and fauna that can be found only here at the Dover cliffs are also a huge attraction. The cliffs are the stage of many poems, stories and epics. Notable works like “There’ll be bluebird all over” by Dame Vera Lynn and Shakespeare’s King Lear mention The White Cliffs of Dover.

There is a variety of Fauna to be found on the Dover Cliffs. The White chalks that are native to the Dover Hills give a home to several species of cliff-nesting birds such as the Black Legged Kittiwake or the Fulmar. Aside from that tours can be had on the Dover Walks. There are numerous paths to be taken and you will be assisted to choose the best path in Dover’s Visitor centre

Odd Shops in London

London in a mesmerizing combination of history and modernization. You may see shopping malls on one hand, but on the other hand, some shops are old as anything and odd as anything. The curious soul is always ready to jump at any such opportunity to explore such places. So, dive right in with us and explore these shops in London with us. You can even use Sky minicab taxi service to visit these shops.

Edinburgh: Unicorn Antiques

Every corner and every inch of this place is crammed with antiques. The thing that attracts the most visitors is that it is not ridiculously expensive. There’s no knowing what you might find, which adds to the enjoyment of rummaging around in the basement shop. In the Victorian era, this shop used to be a dairy. There are often tons of old local and world maps and postcards, old-fashioned children’s toys and books, mirrors, trinkets, candlesticks and all sorts of curious bits and pieces that might just turn out to be a treasure.

Brighton: Laste

At this unusual shoe shop, the elves and the shoemaker work together. Shoes made in the store by Laste’s owner, Alex Herdman, who will assist you with your design and provide you with a range of leathers, can be ordered. If you prefer to buy directly from the shelf, Herdman makes a point of sourcing self-sufficient designers who don’t sell elsewhere, so basically, every pair of shoes is exclusive and magnificently the only one of its kind. If they are not in your price range, lavish, colourful tights and socks and reasonably priced accessories, such as knitted hats and beautiful ceramic trinkets can be bought at Laste’s

Liverpool: Nook & Cranny

People who love stationery and graphic-print fans will love this vivid, vivacious place, which sells everything from notebooks, cards, pencils and typography postcards to prints. As a speciality, a certain print is chosen as a “print of the week”. The store owners are very supportive of innovative and independent artists. Nook & Cranny is inside the Bluecoat arts centre and believes in supporting homegrown talent.

Glasgow: Lupe Pintos

Lupe Pintos is dazzling for sourcing odd, bizarre and fun ingredients for foodies who love their food hot and fiery. The Glasgow division of the deli is piled with bottles of smoke-dried jalapeños, chocolate chilli sauces and almost every spice under the sun.

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5 Places to Visit in Feltham

Sometimes you visit a new place and feel just astounded by it. For many people, Feltham is such a place. Located near Twickenham Feltham is a large town in West London. It is the largest town in the western half of the Hounslow Borough. It is home to the Centre Shopping Hub. With Feltham being only 8 minutes drive from Heathrow airport, you can simply book a Sky minicab taxi for Feltham and have a memorable experience. Feltham may not be as popular as other cities of the United Kingdom, but don’t base your decision on this minor fact. Feltham is smaller and has a quiet sort of beauty that attracts many visitors. If you have plans to visit the United Kingdom and do not know whether or not Feltham should be on the list of places you should visit, keep reading. We have put together the five places to visit in Feltham.

Bedfont Lakes Country Park

A seventy-five-hectare local nature reserve and the site of metropolitan importance for nature conservation in Feltham. Bedfont Lakes Country Park with its vibrant greenery and surroundings that are submerged in nature is the ideal place for a nature lover or a nature seeker. At the site, you can enjoy lush green trees as there are more than 350 species of plants. You can also enjoy the beautiful and pleasant view of lakes, meadows and woodland.

London Air Park

One of London’s first airfields. It is a very well maintained park with well-trimmed grass on all the grounds. It is surrounded by lots of trees and is a large sports-oriented public space.

Hampton and Kempton Waterworks Railway

Hampton and Kempton Waterworks Railway is a unique museum which is situated in Feltham, UK. It opens each weekend on Sundays and there is also a special event held once every month plus it opens on Saturdays whilst Kempton steam museum is open.

Feltham Assembly Hall

Feltham assembly hall was built in Feltham Park in 1365. It acts as the towns dedicated community centre.

Riverside Vineyard Church

A beautiful church built in Feltham that boasts of a beautiful vineyard surrounding it. The vineyard attracts many tourists and is a pleasant experience for all.

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Tourists’ Attractions in Acton

You have vacations and need to choose a destination to spend them in but you can’t seem to make up your mind. Well never fear we’re here to make your decision easier. Acton is a town of west London, England. Its 6.1 miles away from Charing Cross. Laying within the historic Middlesex county, it’s a beautiful place full of charm and story. You can count your places to visit in Acton list and simply book  Sky minicab taxi for Acton to take care of your travelling experience.

Acton is near to a variety of luscious green spaces. This is handy because Acton Folk adore a good park. Nearby Gunnersbury Park is absolutely stunning. It houses a museum which was once the residence of the Rothschild family. Also nearby are Chiswick and its Thames-side walks. If you don’t feel like cooking there are many restaurants in Acton and the neighbouring areas for you to visit. To finish things off with a drink you can visit one of the pubs in Acton. One of the best pubs to visit while in Acton is the City Barge. The riverside pub’s characteristic is the row of tables overlooking the Kew Rail Bridge, Oliver’s Island and the trees of Kew. Or head over to Park + Bridge, a splendid little wine shop, there’s a wine bar next door too

If you feel like getting away from all the green space and rural charm, then you head to the Acton Market. The newly furbished “Mount” on Acton high street hosts a market. The market commences from Friday to Sunday. Where you can pick everything from fresh bread to local art.

On the east side of Acton High Street, is Acton Park. It features a mini-golf bar and a Pizza restaurant which is operated by Putt in the park. The southeastern area of the park consists of a tennis court, outdoor fitness tools and a multi-purpose basketball court. Apart from that, you’ll find top-notch hotels like Acton Retreat, Holiday Inn London and Park Royal to name a few.

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Next Trip to Wembley? Plan it Now!

Are you planning your next trip to Wembley and looking for some places to explore there? Before that have you planned how exactly are you going to travel? The solution is present with Sky minicab taxi for Wembley transfer. On the other hand, if you have planned to get the taxi service and thinking of places to go in UK Wembley, the first place that comes into your mind because of the historic Wembley Stadium. Wembley Stadium has hosted many memorable events. It has been the area of many historic achievements. It was the venue of the 1948 Olympic Games as we as England’s win against Germany in the Fifa World cup final I 1966. The original Wembley Stadium was built as the centrepiece of the British Empire exhibition in 1924. It was at first, known as the empire stadium.

Aside from Wembley stadium, another really famous pace to visit is the Northala Fields. Northala Fields is a country-style park. It is located in northern London. It was opened in 2008 and it is made up of four artificial hills standing adjacent to the A40 Western Avenue. Nearby there are also many fishing lakes next to the man-made hills. A large field area that can be used for picnics is also made nearby. The Northala fields are a really splendid place to take your children to. There is various children’s play are made for the convenience of families. In case you need any refreshments, there is also a pleasantly situated café near the hills.

Barham Park is another attraction that every tourist needs to visit in Wembley. It is a Victorian-era park with very beautiful mature trees. The garden is walled which prevents vermin. Walking paths are made for your leisure. Long walks in the pleasant afternoon in Barham Park will make you feel rejuvenated. Aside from these, there is a children’s play area made so that people who come with their children may also enjoy the park. The park is wheelchair accessible and also offers to park.

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