Next Trip to Wembley? Plan it Now!

Are you planning your next trip to Wembley and looking for some places to explore there? Before that have you planned how exactly are you going to travel? The solution is present with Sky minicab taxi for Wembley transfer. On the other hand, if you have planned to get the taxi service and thinking of places to go in UK Wembley, the first place that comes into your mind because of the historic Wembley Stadium. Wembley Stadium has hosted many memorable events. It has been the area of many historic achievements. It was the venue of the 1948 Olympic Games as we as England’s win against Germany in the Fifa World cup final I 1966. The original Wembley Stadium was built as the centrepiece of the British Empire exhibition in 1924. It was at first, known as the empire stadium.

Aside from Wembley stadium, another really famous pace to visit is the Northala Fields. Northala Fields is a country-style park. It is located in northern London. It was opened in 2008 and it is made up of four artificial hills standing adjacent to the A40 Western Avenue. Nearby there are also many fishing lakes next to the man-made hills. A large field area that can be used for picnics is also made nearby. The Northala fields are a really splendid place to take your children to. There is various children’s play are made for the convenience of families. In case you need any refreshments, there is also a pleasantly situated café near the hills.

Barham Park is another attraction that every tourist needs to visit in Wembley. It is a Victorian-era park with very beautiful mature trees. The garden is walled which prevents vermin. Walking paths are made for your leisure. Long walks in the pleasant afternoon in Barham Park will make you feel rejuvenated. Aside from these, there is a children’s play area made so that people who come with their children may also enjoy the park. The park is wheelchair accessible and also offers to park.

Sky Minicab Taxi for Wembley Transfer

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